Leslie Jones Got Pissed Off At Fast Food Worker, Started Yelling ‘Stupid! Stupid!’

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While in town for the Golden Globes, Leslie Jones ordered Jackn In The Box to the swanky Sunset Tower Hotel, where she was staying.

The delivery guy from Jack In The Box was apparently waiting outside the lobby not really knowing what to do, until Leslie came out in her PJs and began berating the guy. Spies told Page Six she apparently snatched the food and started yelling, “Stupid! Stupid!”

The delivery dude told an onlooker that her’ order was messed up because it was sent under the name “Annette Jones” — which is Jones’ given name.

But a source told Page Six that Leslie was only flustered because the food went to two incorrect addresses — including the Comedy Store — before arriving and was an hour late, even after she’d called the food delivery service and the guy four times.

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