People Are Questioning Tonya Harding’s Appearance At Golden Globes

Tonya Harding is having a little bit of a comeback thanks to the film about her life, I, Tonya. After appearing on the Golden Globes, celebs were thanking the former Olympian on stage and viewers were questioning it all.

I’d like to thank Tonya for sharing her story with [writer] Steven [Rogers], and allowing him to tell all the different sides of the story,” Allison Janney said while receiving her Golden Globe. “Tell a story about class in America. Tell a story about the disenfranchised. Tell a story about a woman who was not embraced for her individuality. Tell a story about truth and the perception of truth in the media.”

“The film and its pre-press, they softened up the image of Tonya Harding. They made her a sympathetic person,” said David Johnson, CEO of Strategic Vision PR. “The film industry doesn’t want to cast Margot [Robie] as this villain that will affect her brand down the road.”

Maybe Tonya is in the right place, right time — for once?

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