Chrissy Metz Switched Her Golden Globes Dress To Wear Black Stand in Solidarity

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Chrissy Metz has been vocal about wearing color on the red carpet, but this Golden Globes was extremely different. Men and women wore black in solidarity for the Time’s Up campaign, which calls out sexual harassment and abuses of power.

And the This Is Us star didn’t waste time switching out her love of color for a beautiful black dress, according to her stylist Penny Lovell.

“We actually had another dress scheduled before this [Time’s Up] happened, but we did a last minute switch,” Penny told People magazine, adding that the team at Sachin & Babi made the dress for Metz over the holidays. “They were just fantastic. We actually made it all black. It wasn’t originally going to be all black. The embellishment was going to be a different color, but we switched. They were perfect and came through for us.”

“It was originally long, and we decided we wanted it shorten it,” she said of the dress. “We very much created this dress around Chrissy and what Chrissy likes and we tailor it to her, in every way, design-wise and physically. We decided we wanted to go a little shorter and we wanted to see the shoe. It felt like a good moment to do that, a little more modern. I really worked with her and with how she feels, as I do with all my clients.”

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