Weinstein Allegedly Sighted in Hollywood & Celebs Are Freaking Out

This week, Rosanna Arquette posted on Facebook that Harvey Weinstein is in Hollywood via Facebook, writing: “It is Very strange, that Harvey Weinstein is at the very same hotel in Beverly Hills that the golden globe press is being done at. I smell a Rat.”

Then, Ellen Barkin jumped on, saying: “Is serial rapist harvey weinstein in los angeles? on the wknd of the Golden Globes. Why? WHy? WHY?” and also, “I forgot to say “alleged”…because i know better.”

But Page Six reports that Harvey’s reps say these claims are false.

Rosanna Arquette is one of many women that have accused Harvey of sexual harassment, telling the New Yorker that her career suffered after she rejected his advances.

After her tweet, executives apparently passed it around and are still on the look out.

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