New Report Alleges Dr. Phil Has Been Striking Unethical Deals With Treatment Centers

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Dr. Phil is catching some criticism after allegedly pre-taping antics of his guests, including providing alcoholics a large bottle of bottle and Xanax.

A new investigation alleges that the show’s producers have been sneaking (and indirectly promoting) a new addiction-treatment center led by Dr. Phil and his son, Jay. Apparently, rehab centers that buy and use Dr. Phil’s “Path to Program Recovery” program have a better chance of getting air time on the show. And producers have been making these kinds of deals under the table.

“Dr. Phil mentioning a facility has an impact, the same as Oprah [Winfrey] saying, ‘Hey, read this book,’ ” Greg Horvath, who produced the documentary The Business of Recovery, told the STAT and the Boston Globe.

A statement from the “Dr. Phil” staff to STAT/the Globe points out that just two of over 20 addiction-treatment facilities that use the recovery program were mentioned on the show in 2017 — and there’s no promise to them that they will get a spot on air: “Any suggestion that appearances on Dr. Phil’s show are linked to the purchase or use of this program is false,” the statement reads.

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