This Is What Beyonce’s Natural Hair Really Looks Like…

Beyonce wears her natural hair more often than you think. Queen Bey’s longtime hairstylist Neal Farinah said she wears her naturally curly hair a lot — but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t rock a wig from time to time!

“Sometimes women make choices, and Black women are not the only ones who wear wigs and weaves and pieces — remember that,” he said in a video on his page. “And underneath wigs and weaves, Black women have some of the most beautiful, curly hair. It’s a choice women make — and that’s the choice a Black woman makes, to wear wigs or weaves, if she wants to. Ain’t nothing wrong with it. So, the myth about Black women not having hair? Y’all think again, ’cause they have some of the most beautiful, textured hair. Recognize.”

Head over to Refinery 29 to see the rest of Queen Bey’s natural locks.

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