Anthony Scaramucci Met With Dr. Phil To Discuss Possible Daytime Talk Show

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The short-lived White House communications director Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci was seen this week with Dr. Phil, apparently to discuss the possibility of launching a daytime talk show.

According to Page Six, sources say Dr. Phil appeared to be “comforting” Anthony, who just patched things up with his wife.

After getting “into an argument with a fellow Wall Streeter at the bar,” a source says, The Mooth then joined Dr. Phil for dinner where he “spent 45 minutes with his arm around Scaramucci appearing to try and comfort him over something.”

A source added: “Phil McGraw and Anthony are friends . . . Phil was going to be in New York and invited Anthony to dinner. It was camaraderie and respect . . . not comforting.”

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