Andy Cohen & ‘Real Housewife Of New Jersey’ Melissa Gorga Sued for $30 million

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Andy Cohen and Melissa Gorga are getting sued for $30 million by the Jersey reality star’s ex-business partner at the clothing boutique Envy, Jackie Bear Robinson.

Jackie claimed that the duo made her look like a “felon” on the show and intentionally defamed her, causing emotional distress.

In the suit, Robinson claims she went to Envy to remove her belongings in “broad daylight” on Jan. 1, 2017 — after alleging that Gorga was “misappropriating over $37,000 from Envy without authorization” — but says Gorga falsely claimed on TV that Robinson “snuck into Envy in the middle of the night and stole clothing.”

On Watch What Happens Live, Andy then said to Meilssa: “Wow, so, that lady wound up kinda ripping you off?,” per the suit.

Gorga responded, “Yes.”

Andy’s lawyers said there is no merit to the suit.

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