A Top-Secret ‘Roast’ Of Matt Lauer In 2008 Exposed His Predatory Past

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A top secret roast was held on Matt Lauer in 2008 that is supposedly legendary in New York media circles that pushed the outer limits of sexist, racist, homophobic and obscene jokes — and left little doubt that Lauer’s colleagues knew NBC’s biggest star had a troubled marriage and a wandering eye, according to Page Six. 

“The whole theme was that he does the show and then he has sex with people, with employees,” Joe Scarborough said, who was there. “So was this whispered behind closed doors? No. It was shouted from the mountaintops and everybody laughed about it.”

The roast took place at the Friars Club.

Speaker Martha Stewart joked, “I hear NBC executives call Matt the ‘Cock of the Rock.’”

“It’s just good to see Matt up here and not under my desk,” Jeff Zucker said from the podium. “I don’t want to say Matt is a germophobe, but he’s the only guy I know who uses Purell both before and after he masturbates.”

Jeff also said: “Matt was having some trouble at home with the wife. He was sleeping on Bryant Gumbel’s couch.”

Read more at Page Six. 

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