Billy Bush Said He Went To A ‘Soul-Searching Retreat’ After Trump Tape

Billy Bush revealed to Stephen Colbert more details about the infamous Access Hollywood tape where Donald Trump said he “grabs women by the p*ssy.”

“Last week, [Trump] for some reason came out with, ‘That’s not my voice on the tape.’ Like I said, you can’t say that. That is your voice, I was there, you were there, that’s your voice on the tape,’” said Billy. “So when he said this, it infuriated me on the personal front and then I ended up Googling and I read an article with all of these women’s accounts, because when that article first came out, it was 13 days after I had been fired, so I was in my own personal shock, fight or flight. And so I never really read it all the way. And as I read these, I said, ‘Twenty women don’t get together and say, ‘Hey, do you know what would be really fun? Let’s take down a powerful guy together. Haha!’ No, they don’t.’ ”

“And I said, ‘Okay, you’re reopening wounds on them too. Enough’s enough. Stop playing around with people’s lives!’ That upset me. So I wrote [the op-ed].”

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