Guess What X-Mas Gift Nate Berkus Says Is Perfect For Everyone

Nate Berkus knows everything — and we mean everything — about the perfect gift.

The star of TLC’s Nate & Jeremiah By Design opened up to People about the perfect Christmas gift: “A framed piece of art makes the best gift — especially when it has a story,” he said. But there’s no need to give a museum quality print or whip up a personal masterpiece. Art, he notes, can be almost anything. It’s the “meaningful things you choose to frame, and display.”

“How about all that art your child has brought home throughout the year? Why not choose 2 or 3 of your favorite pieces and gift grandparents, aunts, etc.,” he said.

“Why not frame your mother’s all-time favorite recipe?” he added. “Nothing feels more special, or personalized — especially when it’s a go-to dish that is a part of a family tradition.”

“Let’s be honest, most people have no idea what to do with those travel mementoes we all bring back. Like textiles, menu cards, even hotel keys. Frame that special memory, it’ll make a great gift. Plus, it makes a fun conversation piece,” he said. “Who doesn’t appreciate a beautifully framed family photo. Pro-tip here: shift them to black and white, for a really elevated look. Especially if you’re thinking of creating a gallery wall.”

“I still have a framed note from Oprah, that I got years ago. I love seeing unexpected things – with a story – on the wall,” he said. “For me, the best rooms are ones that evolve over time, and where people truly live with the things they love. I want to walk into your home and immediately know something about you. The final layer in any room is always the art.”

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