Suzanne Somers Remembers The Night She Was Almost Raped

Suzanne Somers opens up about the night she thought she was going to be raped in her new book Two’s Company.

“I went down to lie by the pool, and all of a sudden a creepy guy was there,” she told People magazine. “He fell all over me, and I ran into the house. I was alone with this creepy guy and I thought, ‘There’s no one here who cares about me, if I run to the ocean what’s going to happen to me down there?’ I hid in the house and he’s going ‘Suzanne.’ It’s like a horror movie, ‘Suzanne.’”

“I’m thinking, ‘I am just so going to get raped, or killed,’” she said. “I had no power at all.”

“When I woke up in the morning I [was] being photographed by photographer guy,” she said. “He’s telling me, ‘Oh, you’re so beautiful, you look so beautiful, and I shoot for Playboy, you have a good body, if you shot for Playboy you could get $15,000.’ He said, ‘Let me just take some shots.’”

Read the rest of the story at People.

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