Corey Feldman Is Hoping To Get Justice Against His Sex Abusers

Corey Feldman has been trying to bring a spotlight on pedophiles in Hollywood for years, and following this month’s Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault scandals, he is hoping to get revenge at last.

“I will not [be] going on a talk show 2 disclose names of my abuser or [anyone else’s] abusers,” he tweeted.

The actor did say he was “working on a plan” that might “shed some [light] on this situation if I can figure out a way 2 get actual justice while not risking my safety & well being. You will know when that time comes! . . . Let me add, this not about fear of being sued! Yes, that’s a real possibility but the bigger reason is safety 4 my family.”

Back in 2013, when Corey appeared on The View, Barbara Walters minimized his stories with a hard set of questions — prompting many fans to question her own motives.

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