Jamie Lee Curtis Shares Her Experiences With Sexual Assault

Jamie Lee Curtis has come out amid the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal, calling him a “brutish thug” while sharing her own experiences in a Huffington Post column.

On Harvey’s scandal, she says it has “seemingly rocked the entertainment business” despite the fact that “so many claim to have known about Mr. Weinstein’s aggression and harassment and lecherous doings.”

She added: “I, too, have been subjected to my own private, personal versions of sexual harassment on the job. Did I ask for it? No. What I simply asked for was a job, and what came with it was sexual harassment… What I believe we are all asking for in these instances, is a chance to show our talent, our humanity, a chance to express ourselves and our art and perhaps, be a part of a film that can truly create change.”

She continued, “Perhaps this grotesque power play to ‘get some’ by this brutish thug of a man and the attempts by him, his lawyer, his board and famous friends to, once again, keep it under wraps and blame the victim will fail. Perhaps the truth will out other sexual harassment, be it from a governor or a president or a presidential candidate or studio head or movie star or executive or anyone else complicit in this billionaire boys club bulls— that will come to an inglorious end.”

Read the Huffington Post column HERE.

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