OMFG, Is Tonya Harding Staging a Come-Back On The Ice?

Tonya Harding’s biopic is soon got come out called I, Tonya. And apparently, insiders from Page Six say that Margot Robbie (who plays Tonya in the film) was buzzing about Tonya allegedly coming to a future event for the film out this winter.

“Tonya has lost weight and is secretly training for a rumored surprise skating exhibition during the release of ‘I, Tonya,’ ” a source told Page Six. “She is not scheduled for interviews — but this highly anticipated exhibition is a possibility because she is training.”

The source added, “She is friendly with Margot, who trained four times a week for four months . . . Margot did all the spins and moves.”

How EPIC would this come back be? I mean, sure she helped stage the most controversial story in skating history, but…

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