Jon Stewart Called Donald Trump A ‘Sociopath’

Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

Jon Stewart took on a challenge by Stephen Colbert to say nice things about President Donald Trump. Let’s just say it didn’t go quite as planned, as Jon lashed out an explosive attack on Trump.

“What the f— is wrong with this guy?” he shouted about the photo of Trump with military leaders where Trump said it was the “calm before the story.”

“Why would you… ‘You’ll find out’?” Jon said. “A cliffhanger, surrounded by military people? You’ll find out? Oh, will Trump give humanity the rose? Will civilization make it to the fantasy suite? And ‘calm before the storm’? Is that what he was saying? Calm before the storm? … How is all this not the storm? This is all the storm. And what kind of sociopath would use that terminology while people are still cleaning up from literal storms?”

He then called him America’s “sociopath”-in-chief.

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