Two Lesbians Stumble Upon Wonder Woman’s Island — & Hilarity Ensues on SNL!

Picture it: two gay women walk into a Wonder Woman scene and are thoroughly confused as to why there aren’t enough lesbian making out. That’s a perfect SNL skit!

Literally laughing so hard right now!

“We went out on our scooter and got caught in some kind of vortex,” Kate’s character said to Wonder Woman… It looks like we found a whole island of us.”

Wonder Woman, however, is confused as to why anyone would think her ladies are gay: “I love all my sisters,” she explains. “I think their bodies are beautiful, but when I look at them all I see is strength and power.”

Perplexed, Aidy Bryan’s character says: “It’s like we’re in a porn but the plumber is just genuinely there to fix the pipes.” LOL!

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