Elizabeth Moss Gives a Giant ‘Birdie’ To The World — Or Perhaps You Know Who

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Elizabeth Moss is a fierce ass bitch in The Handmaid’s Tale — she’s superb, which is why she won an Emmy last night!

She’s also pretty funny, too, which is why she flipped off the camera last night holding two Emmys. That’s right, two!

But some people on the Internet this morning are wondering if she was giving the birdie to another Emmy-winner (and former Scientologist) Leah Remini.

As we previously reported, Leah said Elizabeth isn’t allowed to talk to her because she’s now considered an “SP” (or a suppressive person). That means no one from the religion is allowed to talk to you.

We’re not sure if that’s actually true or not, but hey! It kinda-sorta seems like a thing I would do — that is, flip the camera, not become a Scientologist.

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