Watch Obama Surprise H.S Students on Their First Day of School, Get Ready!

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Leave it to President Obama to surprise high school students by dropping in unexpectedly, and asking, “Is that my seat? You don’t mind me crashing, right?”

God, the smoothness of this man.

Students at McKinley Technology High were taken aback, and according to The Hill, Obama was there to speak to kids about “their life goals, pursuing higher education and giving back to their communities,” but more importantly, Obama was “focused on supporting the next generation of leaders. Today’s meeting is part of that ongoing conversation with young people.”

“One of the things that I did throughout my presidency was I’d meet with groups of young people everywhere I went,” he says in the video. “Whether it was here in the United States, or when I was traveling overseas, just to kind of hear from them, find out what they’re interested in. Because I do believe that most of the problems that we have are going to be solved by you.”

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