The Prison System Isn’t Letting Joe Giudice Enter Alcohol Treatment

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Joe Giudice is currently serving a sentence for bankruptcy fraud, and according to him, prison officials are preventing him from entering an alcohol treatment program. Apparently, authorities at Fort Dix are using a detainer placed on him by Immigration and Customs Enforcement as the reason to keep him from treatment, according to a court filing.

Those with detainers are unable to join such programs — even though a judge recommended for him to do it. Joe, unfortunately, will be deported back to Italy after his sentence.

Both Joe and his wife Teresa, star of Real Housewives of New Jersey, pleaded guilty to bankruptcy fraud and submitting false loan application to get $5 million in mortgages and construction loans.

Joe claims that other inmates who are facing similar deportation circumstances are allowed to challenge the policy, but officials are preventing him from doing so.

H/T: Page Six.

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