Milo Ventimiglia Tried Voting For Sterling K. Brown Instead of Himself for an Emmy!

Some actors are truly obsessed with winning awards, especially the Emmy. But like his character from This is Us, Milo Ventimiglia is willing to dim his light for his TV son, Sterling K. Brown.

Apparently, Milo tried to vote for Sterling instead of himself in the Outstanding Lead Actor category.

“I’ll tell you what,” Milo told Entertainment Weekly, “I went on the Emmy website and I tried to vote for him, and I realized I couldn’t vote in my own category, and it kind of broke my heart. I was voting for Sterling. I was in my trailer, and I was like, ‘I’ve got some time. I’m going to vote.’ And I went on to vote and my category wasn’t there, and I was so pissed. I ended up walking over to his trailer and saying, ‘Hey man, I tried to vote for you, but it wouldn’t let me. So I’m just telling you that I wanted to vote for you.”

He continued: “The funny thing is that people say it’s a competition. I don’t even look it as a ‘Best Actor’ category, I look at it as ‘In Best Company’ category. Because there’s a lot of great acting out there, there’s a lot of people that are doing good work, and to separate just a handful I feel like sometimes diminishes the great work that isn’t getting recognized. So I think it’s just the ‘In Best Company’ award. You’re in the best company.”

God we love you, Milo!

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