Debbie Gibson Opens Up About Her Lyme Disease & Dancing with the Stars

One of Dancing With the Stars’s new celebrity is Debbie Gibson, who recently opened up to People magazine about living with Lyme Disease and how it might effect her performance on the show.

Lyme disease is often debilitating infection, and the singer was first diagnosed in 2013.

“It’s a different challenge,” she said. “I can’t be cavalier with my body. I can’t just push myself without thinking what what happens next. [Lyme Disease] can affect my stamina.”

She continued: “I’ve always been in tune with my body. But the last few years have helped me learn where I can push my limits. I’m going to choose to think of that as an advantage! I can learn choreography, but that’s really different from being a technical dancer. So I have to really focus on just dancing, which is going to push me out of my comfort zone.”

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