Kristen Bell Saved Josh Gad’s Family From Hurricane Irma

Frozen stars Kristen Bell and Josh Gad now have a new bond, one that runs deeper than a movie.

Josh Gad recently shared on Twitter that Kristen “literally saved” his family from Hurricane Irma after getting them a hotel room at her hotel in Orlando.

“When they were stranded in Florida, she got them a hotel room at her hotel in Orlando and saved them, my brothers, my sister-in-law and niece and nephew. They don’t make them like this girl. Thank you Kristin,” Gad said.

Josh’s family are among the millions of people in Florida who were told to evacuate, but are unable to get out of the state for whatever reason.

“We didn’t have the option to leave so here we are. Just doing our best and trying to stay positive but cautious, and trying to help those who need help prepping,” Kristen said on Friday. “Sad that a hurricane has to bring out the best in everyone – but happy that the community will be holding hands through this.”

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