Oh No! Natalie Cole’s Only Son is Dead at 39

It’s only been a couple years since iconic singer Natalie Cole passed away from congestive heart failure. Now, her son is singing with her in heaven.

39-year-old Robert Yancy was found dead in his apartment this week — he was Natalie’s only child.

Natalie’s twin sisters, Casey and Timolin, told Page Six: “We are saddened, completely heart broken beyond words at the death of our nephew. It’s an inexplicable loss to our family, especially after losing Natalie.”

Her sisters continue to preserve their family’s legacy through their Nat King Cole Generation Hope foundation. “We want the world to know we’re going to do everything we can to keep our father, our sister and now Robbie’s legacy and name alive. He’s up in heaven with royalty,” Timolin said.

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