It’s True, Omarosa’s Appearance at Black Journalists Summit Was a ‘Sh*t Show’

Page Six reports that Omarosa’s appearance at the annual conference of the National Association of Black Journalists sparked a lot of debate from attendees — the original moderator even refused to show.

One attendee said, “It became a full sh*t show! It was painful to watch.”

Last-minute replacement moderator Ed Gordon had to address the elephant in the room by saying, “Let us have a little decorum here and just deal with what it is . . . I’ve been to a couple of events with Omarosa. She braved to go into the lion’s den. All we’re asking this afternoon is for us to be civil, if nothing else.”

Ed later said to Omarosa: “One would . . . suggest that [your experience] makes you even more qualified to understand the dynamic that most of the Black community does not understand, and that is how you will sit in a White House with a man who is clearly sending a signal to this country . . .”

Then Omarosa interrupted, asking, “Are you suggesting I walk away?” She then walked across to the opposite side of the stage, “Don’t be aggressive. Ask your question, but don’t lecture me.”

They cut to a video of a Trump speech encouraging police to “rough up” people who have been arrested. “Do you think that should’ve been said by the commander in chief?” Gordon asked.

“No, no. Next question,” Manigault snapped before spending the rest of the panel checking her phone.

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