Is Mayor Bill de Blasio Running for President of the United States?


People are tilting their heads after NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio might have hinted he’s running for President by spreading rumors that Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are “too old,” Page Six reports.

Bernie and Elizabeth are 75 and 68, respectively.

“He thinks he’s going to coast to re-election victory,” one Democrat said. “His people are sending out overtures asking where he should go next and whom he should meet on a national level.”

“The rumor is, he is setting up fund-raisers across the country after the election,” a veteran political consultant said.

“De Blasio is putting all his chips on the 2020 race,” observed one longtime poll-watcher. “That’s why, instead of staying in the city to comfort the children of assassinated police officer Miosotis Familia, he jetted to Germany to join the anti-Trump rioters who were smashing store windows.”

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