An Uber Driver Saved the Life of a Suicidal Passenger in Florida, Calls 911

Sometimes Uber drivers can save your life, such was the case of 41-year-old Chad Farley from Petersburg, Florida.

The driver picked up a 28-year-old male passenger on August 7, and according his tale on Facebook, he noticed something was different about him. They had small talk, and the man told him he’d been diagnosed with brain cancer. That made Chad open up about his own mother having cancer.

That’s when Chad noticed the destination he requested was one he’d never seen before — in the middle of the Skyway Bridge. When asked why he was getting dropped off there, the passenger said he just wanted to use the emergency phone.

“I took him to the Skyway rest area and talked with him and he assured me that he wasn’t going to jump,” Farley said. “I could tell he was lying. I told him how much God, the giver of life loves him … I grabbed his hand which was shaking so badly and prayed for a few minutes with him and he actually began praying once I was done.”

“Despite pleas from the troopers to return, the man continued into the water and submerged himself,” reads a statement from the Florida Highway Patrol given to People magazine. “Both Corporal Robert Friesen and Trooper Kristen Middleton then entered the water after him in the dark. After several minutes, the troopers located the man, recovered him and brought him to shore at which point they began CPR until relieved by EMS crews. Transported to Bayfront, the man received advanced medical care and is now listed in critical, but stable condition.”

Read Chad’s tale here:

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