Taylor Swift’s Groping Case Was Thrown Out By Judge, Victory for Pop Star!

The case making headlines this week was Taylor Swift’s case against former DJ David Mueller who she accuses of groping during a meet-and-greet a few years back.

The case was a retaliation against the pop star who was getting sued by the DJ for lots and lots of cash. Now, the judge claimed the pop star could not be held liable for the DJ getting fired.

“What the f–k,” Swift mouthed to her brother inside court, reports Page Six. She smiled and wiped away tears.

The singer’s former bodyguard testified that he saw it happen. “No, I know I saw it. I don’t believe I saw it. I know I saw it,” Greg Dent told jurors. “When he went to put his arm around her, his hand went under her skirt. She jumped, pushed her skirt down and moved closer to [Melcher].”

“I know she would have said something if she wanted me to intervene,” he testified. “I know she wasn’t comfortable with it. That’s why she moved, pushed her skirt down and moved closer to the woman.”

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