The Mooch Accidentally Grants Two Exclusives, Screws Stephen Colbert Over


Public people know the power of an exclusive. It means you’re granting a particular person original, first, never-before-had content — in this case, it was the first interview Anthony Scaramucci since he was fired from being the communications director.

The Mooch’s team ended up telling Stephen Colbert that he would be the exclusive interview, so the host was super excited to announced it.

“I have an announcement right now about an actual exclusive interview that we’re going to have Monday. Everybody wants this fella, right? Everybody wants him. Nobody got him — but us.” Stephen said on his show. “I can’t believe it. We got the Mooch.”

Unfortunately, The Mooch’s team had also told George Stephanopoulos that he’d get the first interview, so George tweeted it out. “Exclusive: I’ll sit down live with @Scaramucci for his first interview since being fired from the WH, this Sunday only on @ThisWeekABC.”

Now, in the journalism world it’s very very bad form to promise exclusives when it actually isn’t an exclusive. Network sources say George’s interview was booked before Stephen’s. And according to Page Six, The Mooch’s team “wasn’t on the same page,” so multiple members of his team gave “exclusives” to many outlets without telling one another.


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