Bryan Cranston & His Wife Were Once Caught Having Sex on a Train! OMG, LOL

Bryan Cranston is a badass, and so is his wife. The act recently told Conan O’Brian that not long after they got married in 1989, they were in high sprits on their honeymoon and began plotting about having sex on a train in Europe.

Prior to boarding, the travel agent figured it out though.

“The travel agent said, ‘By the way, the third tunnel is 50 minutes long. It’s tradition for honeymooners to take advantage of that time,’” he recalled. “I said, ‘Capiche.’ We’re doing this, much to my wife’s chagrin. I said, ‘Are you ready to use up seven calories?’”

The train took their cars as well, so they were inside their vehicle the whole time — which is a perfect way to get dirty.  “It was an absence of light,” he recalled. “You couldn’t see your hand in front of your face … It was exciting.”

“All of a sudden within a short period of time I start seeing the features of my beautiful wife’s face, and I’m thinking my eyes are getting acclimated to this,” he shared, before adding that the train entered “broad daylight” while they were both completely naked. “The children in front are turning around and their grandmother’s like, ‘No no no no.’ She gives me a look like, ‘You! How? No!’”

“My gorgeous wife says to me those three words you always want to hear: ‘Get off me.’”

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