Here’s Why Vanessa Bayer Left ‘Saturday Night Live’

Vanessa Bayer, known for her work in SNL as the Bar Mitzvah Boy and an early-‘Friends’ Rachel Green, ended her run after seven seasons. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the star opened up about her final year on the show.

“It meant so much to be nominated for my last year,” she said. “SNL was my home for seven years and it was such an adventure being there. Being given this honor on my way out is so flattering. I was very emotional when I found out I was nominated.”

When asked why she left, Vanessa replied, “It felt like it was time for me. I had seven seasons and just felt like it was time for someone else to do that job.”

She continued: “Something that never got on [the show] was that I would try to write these backstage sketches where I would go into the host’s dressing room and be really scary and aggressive to them because that’s not my personality. I’d say, ‘Hey, don’t step on my lines.’ I thought it would be funny that onscreen I’m really smiley, but behind the scenes everyone is really scared of me. It never got on because I think even me pretending to be scary is sweet and silly.”

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