‘Sex and the City’ Hottie Jason Lewis on Why He Left Hollywood

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Jason Lewis is the hottest guy in the planet, and prompted many dudes to start growing their hair out — Jason pulls that sh*t off, man!

Well now he’s returning to NBC’s supernatural series Midnight, Texas, telling People magazine: “I read it, and I was like, ‘Wings? I get to fly!’ Because in my imagination I’m still 10 years old. I didn’t account for the CGI, but I can lie to my godsons and nephews.”

He continued: “I pulled away from the industry for a while because I think I was chasing success, and I wasn’t feeling good about what I was doing. I went to libraries as a kid. Stories are a great way to not only know you aren’t alone but to get dialogues and wisdom from around the world… Happiness and humility just comes from being grateful for all that you have in the moment.”

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