WATCH: The Cast of ‘Star Wars’ Remember the Late Carrie Fisher at D23

Credit: Fameflynet Pictures

Courtesy of Entertainment Tonight

No honors are enough to celebrate the soul and memory of the late and great Carrie Fisher.

At the D23 Expo this weekend, Carrie’s The Last Jedi co-stars spoke about her memory and what she meant to the and the franchise overall.

“It’s hard to accept you know?” Mark Hamill said to Entertainment Tonight. “I still think of her in the present tense, you know, she’s such an irreplaceable part of that legacy. But the films were about triumph and tragedy and unfortunately, real life rammed straight into our fantasy in a way that we never could have imagined. I think the film has an air of melancholy about it, which it doesn’t deserve, but that’s life, isn’t it?”

Mark also spoke on her daughter Billie Lourd: “I see so much of Carrie in her that it’s just satisfying in a way, I think, for everyone involved in the movie and the public as well to see the legacy passed down from a generation.”

Daisy Ridley added: “It’s hard to sort of summarize what it is, because it’s sort of still something that everyone’s dealing with. But it’s both wonderful and obviously very sad to see the footage, cause you’re like, ‘Aw that was this incredible thing we did together,’ and then obviously she’s not there to enjoy it with us… I think everyone feels it around the world …all of us and everyone around the world, all the audiences feel it in their own way…because she’s part of that legacy. And also personal ways, because she meant something to everyone away from that. So, it’s horrible, it’s sad.”

Laura Dean, who is making her first appearance in the franchise in The Last Jedi, said, “Always and forever, not only the icon for all of us for fans of Star Wars…for young girls, for feminism. That she represented one of the first female superheroes of all time but also one of the bravest and boldest and most fiercely hilarious and honest people about herself and her life, and shared her life with us in such beautiful ways. So, getting to be part of a tribute to her and her work and legacy by being a part of Star Wars was amazing.”

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