‘Harry Potter’ Costume Designer Jany Temime on Dressing Witches and Wizards

Can you believe it’s been 20 years since Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone?

Costumer Jany Temime had the job of creating not only the looks for Harry, Hermione, and Ron, but she had the task of constantly updating their wardrobe throughout the series. That’s quite a complex position!

In an interview with US Weekly, Jany spilled the beans on what it was like creating the world and aesthetic of Harry Potter. 

“Daniel is an incredible kid,” she said. “He was preparing his exams at school, he was leading a film. He had such a [full plate] and he never complained. He was always so nice to everybody. He’s an incredible person. A really wonderful person. All of them actually. I think it was hard — what makes it so nice in the 10 years that I spent with them was that the actors were wonderful to work with. I think that helps a lot.”

Jany also designed the outfits for the final battle with Voldemort as well as Hemione’s transformation at the Yule Ball.

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“Oh, [Emma Watson’s] lovely. She’s a wonderful, wonderful girl. I love her,” she said. “It was the first time that Hermione appears as something in best of the class. The first time that she becomes a thing that men could watch, that boys could watch. It was a very important dress. Somehow it became very easily. I knew what she could have and what she could wear by the time I designed it for her. The dress came out quite quickly I must say. She looked very pretty in it.”

On dressing Ron Weasley: “Sometimes I was feeling a little bit ashamed because every teenager wanted to look cool and good and Ron was never looking cool and good. He was always looking ridiculous. But somehow [Rupert] was pulling it off brilliantly! He is a great actor and he was completely accepting this part and he was completely understanding of the character better than anybody else. So he was helping me a lot. He never felt ashamed to wear any of the costumes, which was very appreciated. He was a lovely, lovely, lovely boy to work with.”

Read the full interview at US Weekly. 

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