John Oliver Asks, ‘Is Donald Trump Jr. Too Dumb to Know What’s Happening?’

The host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight, John Oliver, is on hiatus but that didn’t stop him from going on The Late Show to discuss all the recent events, including Donald Trump Jr.’s recent email fiasco.

“The fact we’re at a point where we’re going, ‘Do you think they understand? Is it possible there’s not a logical sequence of thoughts in their minds that have made them understand the gravity of the situation they’re in?’ The fact that we’re wondering that — and you wonder it not just with this issue, with a lot — are they just too dumb to realize what’s happening?” he said. “And the answer is not definitely no.”

He continued: “We called this whole looming scandal way back in March. We came up with this framing device for it called ‘Stupid Watergate‘ — the idea that it’s something with all the gravitas of Watergate but where everyone involved is stupid and bad at everything. At first, it was supposed to be a self-contained joke but current events are making it more and more relevant, which is not normally how jokes work.”

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