Source Close to Lindsay Shookus Says Relationship With Ben Was ‘Worth Risking a Lot’

Sometimes love reveals itself in crazy out of the ordinary circumstances, but this seems to be one of a kind.

The world is bursting over Lindsay Shookus, the woman who is now dating Ben Affleck, who’d previously been married to Jennifer Garner. Allegedly, Ben and Lindsay had been dating since 2013 — two years before he and Jennifer announced they were separating.

According to People, a source close to Lindsay says she isn’t one to be fazed by all the drama. “She isn’t someone who would have been reckless. She’s really down to earth and centered,” said the source. “[The relationship] has got to be something that she felt was worth risking a lot for.”

Another source said, “The impression I always got was that she and her husband had been unhappy for a while” by the time they split in 2014. “It was clear she was heartbroken about it and that she felt tremendous regret that things couldn’t be worked out.”

Lindsay has been working at Saturday Night Live as a producer for quite some time, managing celebrity hosts and scouting talent. Apparently Lorne Michaels “loves her.”

“She’s just not the kind of girl who is likely to have her head turned by fame,” says the first source of Shookus. “She’s come into contact with people more famous than Ben… She isn’t someone who does things without thinking them through.”

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