Blac Chyna Was Asked if She Used the Kardashian Name to Get Famous:

Blac Chyna wants the world to know she is her own woman, and always has been!

In a new interview for Good Morning America, the reality star was asked if she used the Kardashian name to get famous. Then she snapped back: “I am Angela White. I am Blac Chyna… I was already Blac Chyna before the Kardashians.”

Black appeared with attorney Lisa Bloom, and revealed there was “no chance of reconciliation” with ex Rob Kardashian, who recently posted a series of nude photos of her on Instagram after she sent him a video of her making out with another dude on Fourth of July.

“You know, I’ve been broken up with Rob since December,” she said, adding he’s allegedly been harassing her ever since. “If someone keeps poking at you … eventually you’re gonna pop. I thought that maybe if I send the video to him, he’ll leave me alone.”

Blac said she reached out to him after the incident.

“I was devastated, of course,” she said about the photos. I”’m like, how could somebody, like, post these pictures of me? And I’m like, ‘Wow, okay,’ This is a person that I trusted. I confided. I felt comfortable, you know, with even sending these pictures and even talking to him about certain things, you know. I just felt … betrayed. To all the women out there, you’re not the only one going through something. If one of us speaks up, hopefully it’ll be a domino effect.”

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