Rebel Wilson Has a Fashion Line & It’s Off the Chain!!

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Rebel Wilson has a new fashion line called Rebel x Angeles, and it’s literally the cutest clothes we’ve ever seen. Yas! Finally someone is showing some chic love for the curvy girls.

Her line will be updated in stores and online every six weeks so, she said, to “keep on trend and listen to the customers and what they’re wanting and loving.”

The actress recently opened up to Cosmopolitan about why she chose to start a line, mainly due to “mentally disturbing” shopping experiences as a teenager. But through it all, she was able to rally up natural self-esteem, but it wasn’t easy!

“If you are plus-size, there’s not a lot [of clothes] to choose from and, I don’t know, I guess I didn’t know what looked good [on me],” she said of her teenage years. “So [shopping] wasn’t a fun, enjoyable experience. Now, when I’m doing fittings for movies or red-carpet events, it’s really interesting and it’s great to think about what I’m going to wear and what the message is in the outfit.”

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Rebel also said that she feels the fashion industry is more size-inclusive now:

“I even had a model agency say they’re frantically trying to find more plus-size girls, because there’s more work for them,” she shared.  “Before, they might have had a couple [curvy girls] on their roster, and now, with models like Ashley Graham and Hunter McGrady, who is one of our models — I mean, these girls are working all the time … I never want to promote unhealthiness, I always want people to be the healthiest version of themselves. But if that’s plus-size, then I want them to feel confident about how they look and be able to dress with style. Just because you’re not a size two or four [doesn’t mean] you can’t have style.”

Her advice for those struggling for self-confidence?

“I’m not great at everything. For example, running. I suck at it! I’m really slow. But if you don’t concentrate on that, and [think about] the things that you are really good at and know how great you are in those areas, that will give you inner confidence and [help] you to know your worth as a person,” she said. “Everyone is good at something. You might be the best at sewing, the best at making little capes, you might be an amazing singer, you might be brilliant at biology … all people have worth and skills and are great at stuff — you just have to find out what that is.”

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