WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Gets Kids To Admit To Their Dads The Worst Thing They’ve Done

Photo Credit: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live!

There’s no gift quite as special as the gift of the truth.

Jimmy Kimmel put together a Father’s Day-inspired segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday night in which he asked kids to tell their dads about the worst thing they’ve ever done, while the cameras were rolling. Some are hilariously ridiculous, while others will earn them some grounding for sure. The best part is the dads’ reactions! Check it out below:

Video Credit: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live
But there’s more! Jimmy also asked kids to upload videos of themselves shouting “I love you, dad!” at the top of their lungs when their dad least expects it. On Monday, he told kids:

“Tonight I’m proud to announce the latest — and hopefully greatest — YouTube challenge: We’re not gonna dump food on dad, we’re not gonna throw anything in his face. What I want you to do is quietly sneak up on your father and yell ‘I love you, dad!’ as loud as you can. You can do this while he’s sleeping, eating, just don’t do it while he’s driving or shaving. Don’t kill or injure your father.”

So, be on the lookout for that compilation.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!


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