Watching Woody Allen Roast Ex-GF Diane Keaton Made us Nostalgic

Diane Keaton was presented the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award this week, so of course we had to hear from the 81-year old director Woody Allen, her ex beaux and director of Annie Hall. 

He started off by comparing her to Eve Harrington, the actress from All About Eve: “This is not to suggest that Diane when I met her was ruthlessly ambitious, but she did make an interesting Freudian slip,” he said. “When we started going out she meant to refer to me as a talented young director, but instead called me a stepping stone. So, it was a red flag.”

The director also quipped about her struggle with bulimia, which she writes about in her memoir Then Again:

“I didn’t know you loved me and were bulimic,” he said. “So we’d have dinner. She tells me she loves me and then she’d go throw up. I was taking her to these high-end restaurants, $400 for dinner. If I had known she was throwing up, I would have taken her to Pizza Hut and saved a fortune.”

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