YouTube Star Austin Jones Arrested For Child Pornography

Photo Credit: Instagram/Austin Jones

Austin Jones is in some pretty hot water.

The YouTube star has been arrested for child pornography after allegedly asking teenage girls to provide him with naked images  and explicit videos over social media.

In one particular exchange, the 24-year-old asked a 14-year-old to prove that she’s his “biggest fan” by removing her underwear. The complaint stated he also asked that they dance in a sexual manner and take images of themselves in “graphic sexual acts,” according to the Chicago Tribune.

Austin was stopped on Monday at  Chicago O’Hare International Airport. During a conversation with Homeland Security, records say he “admitted to having used his Facebook account to have sexually explicit chats with minor females.”

Court documents state that the singer’s main audience  “appears to be teenage girls.” He was charged with two felony counts of production of child pornography. If convicted, he could face a minimum of 15-years in prison for each count.





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