Watch Ben Stiller Talk About the ‘Dodgeball’ Reunion LOL!

Dodgeball has stuck with pretty much anyone who’s seen it, and thank God they were smart enough to reunite in a new video looking back at the “true underdog story” 13 years later.

Ben spoke with Entertainment Weekly about what it was like to step back into the White Goodman shoes:

“It was really strange and fun,” he said. “I didn’t know what it would be like, because I was away from it for so long and I never really thought there would be any reason to do the character again, but then when this opportunity came up, especially talking to Omaze and what good ideas for fundraising there would be, over the years we’ve been aware of people who are fans of the movie and their connection with it, which I’ve appreciated. It’s fun to connect with people on something like that — like at Halloween, I see people dressed up as the movie and things like that.

He continued: “To me, it was really important when we said we could do it, the first person I called was Rawson Thurber, who wrote and directed the movie, and said, ‘Hey would you get on board with this thing? If you would write and direct this thing, we could put the band back together.’ That was the key to it, these things don’t exist in a vacuum in terms of the writing and situation. Once Rawson said yes, I called Vince up, and he immediately said, ‘I’m in, let’s do it, it’s for a good cause.’ Then we got Justin Long and Christine Taylor and Missi Pyle and everybody; it was really exciting for us all to get back together. So we got our Halloween costumes, and luckily it’s Spandex so it all still kind of fit.”

Read more of the interview at EW.

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