EXCLUSIVE: Summer Tips from Jenna Dewan-Tatum’s Makeup Artist!

Photo Credit: Instagram/AllanFace
Photo Credit: Instagram/AllanFace
Photo Credit: Instagram/AllanFace
Photo Credit: Instagram/AllanFace
Photo Credit: Instagram/AllanFace
Photo Credit: Instagram/AllanFace
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Celebrity makeup artist Allan Avendano has been accentuating the faces we know and love for over 13 years now.

He’s a brilliant artist who works on well-known faces such as Chrissy Teigen, Vanessa Hudgens, Sarah Hyland, Camila Cabello, Ashley Graham, Zendaya and Jenna Dewan-Tatum. #SquadGoals

We thought we’d pick his brain and learn a little about our favorite celebs, and also how to incorporate their signature looks into our summer repertoire.

So, what is so unique about Jenna? Besides the fact that she loves unicorns and crystals (she’s our spirit animal), according to Allan, Jenna is a freak about her skincare routine. Her obsession falls in line with what he says most of his clients usually request.

‘They love glowing skin. Glowing skin will always be on trend. It has the ability to make you look fresh and even make you look younger.”

When it comes to beauty, Allan knows a thing or two about how to create a specific look, but he says that being attractive is much more than outer beauty.

“Not to sound cliche but I really think beauty comes from a much deeper place than your physical appearance. When someone is a beautiful person inside they are even more radiant than what people see on the outside. People can get a feel for someone’s energy and there’s no denying someone who has a beautiful magnetic radiant energy.”

Allan and Jenna spend a lot of time in each other’s faces, so we’re assuming they know one another pretty well.

“I think as a makeup artist, you become very close to your clients and sometimes you take on the role of friend or confidante. It’s a very intimate relationship, so we chat intimately about personal things. And sometimes we don’t chat at all and just end up being a relaxing escape from their day to day.”

Okay, here are some tips from Jenna’s routine that Alan also recommends for us, this summer.

1. Filling in sparse areas in the brows.
2. Two coats of mascara
3. Moisturizing and prepping skin and lips before any makeup application.

According to Alan, here are some SUMMER MUST HAVES for everyone:

1. A matte bronzer. (Bronzer with too much shimmer can make u look over greasy. This way you can highlight specifically with a highlighter but still give your skin a sunkissed look!)
2. A liquid highlighter is because it blends into the skin seamlessly. Dab a bit on the back of your hand and apply with your finger to your highlight points.
3. A coral or peach lip is my favorite for Summer. Play with different textures (matte, glossy, tinted balm, stain) to see what best suits you!
Make sure to follow celebrity makeup guru, Allan Avendano, on Twitter and Instagram.
And finally, all we can say is we hope your summer is as fabulous as this video that Jenna shared on Instagram with her crew! (Allan included)

Because I couldn’t love this crew more ♥️ @yutsai88 @bradgoreski @kristin_ess @allanface

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