Wow! Gordon Ramsay’s Father-in-Law in Prison for Hacking His Computers

Credit: Fameflynet Pictures

Gordon Ramsay’s father in law is in hot water after being sentenced to six months in prison this week for hacking into Gordon’s company computers to try and steal personal and financial information. And it wasn’t just him, it was a family affair!

Chris Hutcheson, the father of Gordon’s wife Tana, apparently devised a scheme with his two sons, Adam and Chris Jr., to go into Gordon’s emails and financial documents.

The sons got suspended four-month sentences which could be dismissed if they meet the conditions of their probation.

Gordon and Chris had a public falling out, which ultimately began an evil plan devised by Tana’s dad and brothers to break into his computer nearly 2,000 times between October 2010 and March 2011, according to officials.

“The whole episode of five months amounts to an unattractive and unedifying example of dirty linen being washed in public,” Judge John Bevan said in his ruling, according to the Guardian.

H/T: Time

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