Woah, National Enquirer Says A-Rod Sexted Another Woman While Dating J.Lo

Credit: Fameflynet Pictures

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez have what many assume is the best relationship. Everywhere they go, they’re constantly showing how much they love each other — and we can’t stop watching!

Now, the National Enquirer is coming after them by alleging that A.Rod was sexting another woman named Lauren Hunter, a fitness model. Some of the exchange included naked pics of her.

Lauren claims she and Alex began dating back in 2011 when he was still seeing Cameron Diaz. They’ve been in touch ever since. Supposedly when he started dating Jennifer in March, the two “began FaceTiming again three or four times a day and [Lauren] was sending him explicit messages and photos,” according to the model.

“On May 10 [Alex] told [Lauren] he missed her, and May 11 he asked her to send a video of her [doing a sex act],” the National Enquirer said.

A.Rod and J.Lo started dating in mid-March, but the magazine said that on May 13, he apparently asked Lauren to fly to Kansas City with him while J.Lo was in New York City filming. She couldn’t make the trip however due to her motherly duties (she has three kids).

Lauren also said that Alex apparently offered her $20,000 to have a threesome with another woman, adding that he was “very into threesomes” and liked her to dress up as a schoolgirl.

But a source close to A.Rod and J.Lo disputes the claims, saying, “He and Jennifer are together all the time. Every week the magazines write something ridiculous about their relationship, last week they were getting married, she’s pregnant. It’s laughable.”

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