Fired Waitress Who Slept With Orlando Bloom Might Have a Career Ahead

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After 21-year old waitress Viviana Ross was fired from a hotel manager after they walked in on her lounging naked in Orlando Bloom’s room after a steamy night, the actor later got her number from the hotel to call and apologize about the ordeal.

“Orlando got her number from the [hotel] Chiltern Firehouse in London and called to make sure that Viviana was okay,” an insider told The Sun. “He just said, ‘I am sorry about what happened.’ The call [came] out of the blue. He is a gentleman and he genuinely had no idea what had happened after he left. They spent a passionate night together, but neither expected it to be any more than what it was.”

In this case, a one night stand could lead to a whole other career.

Perez Hilton even wrote, “Who knows, maybe all this publicity will even get her an acting gig!”

The waitress is also an aspiring actress and model who moved to Britain from Romania. After she got caught, Viviana later said getting fired was worth it because Orlando was “exceptionally good” in bed.

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