Kevin Hart Seriously Bombed His ‘Saturday Night Live’ Audition

Kevin Hart’s shot at being a regular on Saturday Night Live was no laughing matter.

In his new memoir, “I Can’t Make This Up,” the comedian revealed that his audition was a total disaster. Kevin was over the moon when he landed the opportunity to prove himself but panicked when he found out he was required to do impressions.

He quickly learned three options- Robert De Niro, Denzel Washington, and Avery Johnson. He soon realized, however, that “nobody in the room . . . knew who Avery Johnson was,” and then he “promptly forgot everything De Niro had ever said in any movie.” As for his Denzel impersonation, he simply, “yelled until I was embarrassed enough to stop.”

We’re sure Kevin redeemed himself in Lorne Michaels’ eyes when he hosted the show in 2015.

“I Can’t Make This Up” will hit shelves on June 6.



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