Would Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn Sleep With Someone On The First Date?

Photo Credit: Instagram/Amy Schumer

Just how many dates does it take to score with Amy Schumer or Goldie Hawn?

The Snatched co-stars stopped by the U.K.’s Loose Women and played a revealing game of “What Do You Prefer.” When asked to choose between a good guy and bad guy, Amy said, “I’ll go for a nice guy.”

Goldie disagreed, saying her husband Kurt Russell falls into the latter category. She said, “I like a bad guy, I have to say. I’ve got in a lot of trouble with bad guys, but Kurt’s gotten to be a much better guy. That’s for sure.”

Though their answers slightly differed, there was one topic they completely agreed on. Both wouldn’t hesitate to sleep with someone on the first date.

Amy said, “First date! Wait for what?”

Goldie added, “I was loose. I really was. But by the way, [Kurt] was loose too! It takes two to be loose. But I knew him, we flirted and stuff, it was consummated on one night. It was all consuming, it’s been that way for 34 years.”

Amy is newly single after her split with Ben Hanisch. The two recently parted way after dating for more than a year.



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