WATCH: Johnny Depp Does A Trump Impression And It’s Not Too Shabby!

Photo Credit: YouTube/TheEllenShow

Look out, Alec, you’ve got some competition.

During a visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Johnny Depp did an impression of Donald Trump, and it was quite impressive! He even said he’d be willing to bring it to Saturday Night Live should the need arise.

The most fascinating thing, however, is that the actor said he has never actually seen Alec Baldwin’s Trump impersonation. Ellen found this odd, and asked the audience if there was anyone else who hadn’t seen it. Several hands were raised.

Ellen said, “I can’t believe that there are people that have never seen Alec Baldwin do Trump. That is shocking to me.”

Johnny quipped, “Well, I’ve seen Trump do Trump, which is shocking to me.” LOL!

Watch the impression below:

Video Credit: YouTube/TheEllenShow





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