LOL! Cher Says ‘I’m Not A Cher Fan’

Photo Credit: Twitter/Billboard

Looks like Cher isn’t her biggest fan.

The 70-year-old icon kept things super candid during an interview with Billboard magazine. Apparently, the singer dislikes a lot of her own music! She said, “I’m not a Cher fan.” She referred to her 1995 album, It’s a Man’s World, as “crap,” adding, “I don’t remember what’s on it — I didn’t like any of it.”

The superstar isn’t so keen on the aging process either. She shared, “I don’t like getting old. I’m shocked that I can still run across the stage at my age. I thought I’d be dead.” Cher also marvels at the fact that she’s still relevant, saying, “I seem to be able to keep tapping into [the culture]. Like, Twitter. How? At my age?” She’s clearly doing something right, as she currently has more than 3 million Twitter followers!

The star also opened up about her complex relationship with her ex-husband, Sonny Bono, who died from a skiing accident in 1998. She revealed that during the filming of their show, The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour, “I weighed 93 pounds, was constantly sick, could not eat, could not sleep. I got suicidal.”

Cher added that her husband had two sides. “Sonny could be the best person you ever met — the funniest, the most adorable. Or not. He was like the little girl with the curl.”

Today, Cher is happily enjoying the single life. She joked, “I loved all the men I was with, but I seem to have a two-and-a-half-year sell-by date. My mom once said, ‘You should marry yourself a rich man.’ I went, ‘Mom, I am a rich man!'”

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